A startup that makes freelancers feel like part of the team

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For 4 years, I was the Creative Director at digital agency, Lowe Profero working for then Managing Director, Dave Bentley. A day-to-day pain for us was to predict, find, book and manage good freelance talent. A few years after working together, Dave came back to me with an idea.

Cavalry is a freelance management platform allowing companies to manage their freelance roster form finding new talent to booking existing contacts.


For freelancers

Cavalry gives freelancers a calendar of their availability which they can share with companies so that they can avoid that annoying “Are you free in 3 weeks from wednesday?” email. Also handled is invoicing and payment just to make everything run that bit smoother. 

It also puts them on a Cavalry directory so that work can find them, cutting down on the new business hustle all freelancers must make time for.

For companies

Companies can build a roster of the freelancers that they work with, allowing them to store all of their contact details in one place. This roster also gives project managers an overview of the availability of all of their contacts, making for easier planning and booking.

And they need to find new talent, Cavalry offers a freelancer search service to find the right freelancer for a fraction of the cost of recruitment services.


The product

Cavalry is, at its core, a series of workflows around managing bookings in a calendar, but the presentation and interaction of those calendars is quite different, depending on whether you’re a freelancer or a company.

But the biggest challenge is helping freelancers keep their calendars up to date without annoying them too much. A series of different notifications workflows has been designed, and we’ll keep tweaking them until we find the best happy medium.


The market

Having worn the hats of both the company and the freelancer side of the relationship, it would have been safe to assume that I had a fairly good understanding of those needs. But freelance work is, at its core, all about flexibility. A slightly unhealthy amount of caffeine has been consumed meeting with freelancers and companies to understand their unique take on this problem.

Building one tool that works for everyone would result in something that resembled a swiss army knife, but without the same design elegance. The sheer amount of options required would be mind boggling. Instead, we found our ideal company and freelancer types, and built the product for them. These are the companies who work in a very time-driven manner, and freelancers who prefer to work by the day, rather than by the job. It’s not for everyone, but it’s changes the game for the people it’s for.


Cavalry will go live in the next few months. To find out more about it, or to be one of the first to get on board when it does launch, check out the website.  

Matthew Delprado